"65 years · Creating Comfort" HOdo's High-Quality Development Speed up itself as the World's First-Class Enterprises

Published in: 2022-08-05

"Don't say red bean small because having dreams make it wide and big; The world cut thorns, red beans all over the world." This is the work of Zheng Liu, who won the highest prize in the 200,000-yuan Prize Search Contest for contemporary Wang Wei's Poetry held by HOdo Group in 2022. Today, 20 years ago, 20 words continue to tell the story of HOdo Group, a private enterprise specializing in the production and manufacturing of clothing, to create the Qixi Festival, also known as "Chinese Valentine's Day."


On the night of Qixi, August 4, the 22nd Red Bean Qixi Festival and Cloud celebration of the 65th anniversary of HOdo was held. Party around the legendary HOdo and comfortable HOdo, and hundred-year HOdo. " 65 years creating comfort" cloud ceremonies with singing and dancing, reading, musicals, catwalk shows, and other forms of a variety of programs recreate the HOdo founding in 65 years of "entrepreneurship, innovation, pioneer, merit" and to celebrate the 22nd "HOdo Chinese valentine's day." Netizens watched the show live online on numerous media platforms and won 16 cash prizes of 4,999 yuan through interactive raffles.


At the Cloud ceremony, Haijiang Zhou recalled what HOdo has travelled in the past 65 years, allowing guests and netizens to have a deeper understanding of the development of HOdo Group.



Comfortable HOdo: 65 Years to Build a Comfortable Life 

At the evening party, China's first male model Bing Hu,  passion show interpretation of HOdo men's comfortable blockbuster; The venue and the broadcast room camera switch, the TOP anchor "Lier baby" online started to bring goods, performance double linkage, the party to the climax. It is reported that on November 29, 2021, HOdo joined hands with "Lierbaby" to broadcast comfortable Men's Wear with goods, breaking a new record of 20 million men's wear special live broadcasts.


This year, HOdo first "comfortable" new track in the industry, to promote the high-end transformation of the brand, launched "HOdo 0 comfortable shirt". On the evening of July 28, during the 22nd "Qixi Pink Season" of Hongdou, the GMV of Hongdou men's Wear exceeded 5 million yuan in 6 minutes and 10 million yuan in 3 hours.


At the meeting, HOdo Group and China National Fashion Association and China National Textile Construction Planning Institute jointly established the "Clothing New Consumption (comfortable men's wear) Research Center." At the same time, the Innovative Development Trend of China's comfortable Men's Wear Industry was released, indicating that HOdo Men's Wear has become a new engine for the industry's high-quality development. YiQi Zhou, Vice president of the China National Fashion Association, awarded Hongdou the title of "Pioneer of Hodo Men's Comfortable Men's Wear." 

One-Hundred Year HOdo: Building a "World-Class Enterprise" 

With 65 years as the new starting point of the centennial journey, Hongdou Group has sounded the horn of full advance and kept moving forward in the journey to becoming a century-old and world-class enterprise.


Haijiang Zhou introduced that social development is promoted by enterprise development. HOdo Group always practices the concept of "win-win cooperation in all directions" and continuously increases social feedback efforts, with a total donation of over 580 million yuan. The Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone in Cambodia, which led the construction, has become an overseas investment and trade platform of "Investing in ASEAN and radiating to the whole world" for Chinese enterprises, which has become a model of the Belt and Road Initiative.


From a small workshop producing cotton tires and broomsticks, Hongdou has developed into a multinational enterprise advocating a "win-win situation in all directions." With an open and inclusive attitude, Hongdou is based in Wuxi and has a global vision. With 65 years as the starting point, Hongdou is striding forward in the grand journey toward a century-old enterprise.