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On January 14, Taxus Chinensis of HOdo Group was officially listed on the Three Board. On the first day of listing, the transactions were most active and listed on the first place without challenge. On November 18 - the first day for HOdo to trade as a licensed dealer, its trade volume increased by 30%.

From March 13 to Oct. 27, HOdo Group had carried out in-depth mass-oriented education practice in a concrete and effective way by carrying out numerous activities, such as setting up leading group, working out plans, organizing mobilization meeting, lectures, study programs, life meetings, and summarization conventions.      

On April 25, the investment company of HOdo Group was established, which is an important step of HOdo’s development strategy and capital operation and a benign interaction between industrial and capital operation and which is expected to further upgrade the competitiveness and profitability of the Group. 

On May 25, HOdo was listed in the “the top 100 Chinese industrial enterprises with the most competitive brands”.

On June 3, the commendation congress on private economic growth was held by the provincial Party committee and provincial government of Jiangsu. During the congress, HOdo Group Co., Ltd. was rated as an excellent private enterprise. President Zhou Haijiang was awarded the title of excellent private entrepreneur.     

The 14th HOdo Magpie Festival started on June 16, and ended on August 10. During the festival, many public benefit activities were held, such as “a thousand miles’ journey with HOdo’s great love”, “wedding under the ormosia hosiei” and “look for the most beautiful love story of the present age”.

On June 18, Zhou Haijiang was rated as the “2013-2014 national excellent entrepreneur”.  

On August 21, China Minsheng Investment Co., Ltd. was officially listed in Shanghai. HOdo Group made huge investment in the company. Zhou Haijiang, president of HOdo Group, among six other vice chairmen of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, held important posts in the company.  

On September 1, HOdo Group was rated as the national role model, making it the first enterprise in Wuxi, Jiangsu in winning such distinction.    

On Nov. 20, HOdo Group and other seven private enterprises received the reply on being included in the fourth group of pilot enterprises for the mobile communication resale business by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC, marking the Group has entered the telecom field officially. And HOdo has become the only enterprise in the textile and garment industry in receipt of the reply.        

On Nov. 25, China Textile Materials Exchange Center won the integrated innovation award for the national e-commerce.    

On December 12, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC, China Promotion Association for Brand Construction, CCTV, etc. issued the value of Chinese brands in 2014. The brand of HOdo takes the lead in China’s textile and garment industry in terms of brand influence and value.       




On March 2, HOdo Group was included in the national demonstration enterprises for integrating IT application with industrialization. 

On March 28, HOdo’s ten billion Yuan investment project was initiated officially.

On April 20, Liu Yunshan, Politburo Standing Committee and member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee visited HOdo.

On April 22, HOdo donated a total of 6.142 million Yuan to the earthquake-stricken area in Ya’an.

On July 10, Zhou Haijiang was rated as one of the “35 outstanding people since China’s 35 years’ reform”. 

On August 9, HOdo Group, along with Liaoning TV, launched the first large dress culture-focused program of China.     

On August 15, the 13th “HOdo Magpie Festival” focusing on “look for the most beautiful love story of the present age” became the ictus of love once more.   

On October 18, Huang Lixin, municipal Party secretary of Wuxi and Li Zhaojie, deputy director of the management committee of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone jointly unveiled the nameplate for the establishment of Shanghai HOdo International Trade Co., Ltd. by HOdo Group. This is the first enterprise in Wuxi that has entered the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.  

On November 11, HOdo’s “Nov. 11 Online Sale” achieved a sales volume of over 100 million Yuan.   

Nov. 12, the anti-tumor agent production line of Taxus Chinensis Pharmaceuticals obtained the latest national GMP certification.

On Nov. 13, HOdo was included in the “2013 national demonstration enterprises for technological innovation”.

On Nov. 13, HOdo’s rubber tire ranked the 36th place in the global annual tire list. 

On Nov. 15, HOdo Group was rated as “civilized unit of Jiangsu”.   

On Nov. 28, the 21st industrial enterprise entered SSEZ in 2013, which was also the 54th enterprise settled here over the past six years since the establishment of SSEZ and marked SSEZ, the overseas zone held controlling interest by HOdo Group has achieved rapid development.

On Dec. 20, Zhou Haijiang was rated as the 2013 annual CEO of the year.




On January 12, Taxus Chinensis Biological Company was rated as a national key leading enterprise on agriculture industrialization.

On March 17, China Textile Materials Exchange Center (CTMET), awarded by China National Textile and Apparel Council and initiated and established by HOdo Group was available online in Wuxi. CTMET is both a professional market for China’s textile materials and a third-party electronic transaction platform focusing on spot trading.  

At the Party's construction meeting on the national non-public enterprises on March 21, Zhou Haijiang from HOdo Group, the only representative of private enterprise, made a speech and was received by Xi Jingping.   

In May, the technical center of HOdo Group was rated as a national technical center, making HOdo the only enterprise in China’s textile and garment industry in winning this distinction.     

At the second plenary session for the National Taxus Chinensis Conservation Committee and the National Forum on the Development of the Taxus Chinensis Industry held on June 6, Zhou Yaoting was re-elected chairman of the China Taxus Chinensis Conservation Committee.

On June 13, He Guoqiang, politburo standing committee and secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Samdech Hun Sen, premier of Cambodia jointly unveiled the nameplate of the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone of Cambodia and received Zhou Haijiang. On December 4, the first meeting on the SSEZ coordination committee between China and Cambodia was held in Wuxi.  

On Oct. 16, the publishing ceremony on “books on China’s model enterprises”  as well as the “The Road of HOdo” seminar organized by Center for Private Economy Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CPES) and Social Sciences Academic Press were held in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The first book - The Road of HOdo of the above book series had drawn widespread attention.

On Dec. 10, the 11th leading organ for the All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce was elected and Zhou Haijiang was elected vice chairman of the  All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce.

On Dec. 31, the Swift Horse Tire was rated as “famous trademark of China”, which was the second time for HOdo to receive such honor.  




In 1957, Gangxia Knitting Mill (predecessor of HOdo) was established.

In 1984, HOdo trademark was registered.

In June 1992, HOdo set up the first township enterprise group in Jiangsu.

In 1994, HOdo garment was rated as one of the “top ten famous brands of China”.

In October 1994, Zhou Yaoting was rated as “excellent township entrepreneur of China”. In November 1994, Zhou was rated as agricultural model worker of China. In December 1995, Zhou was elected by the national top ten news units as the only “newsmaker of China’s new countryside in 1995”.  

In May 1995, HOdo Group, as the only representative of the township enterprises in Shanghai, Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province, attended upon invitation the “forum on how to invigorate large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises” in Shanghai held by General Secretary Jiang Zemin.

In 1995, HOdo purchased Shanghai Shenda Motorcycle Factory upon merger, and started a trans-industry development.

In October 1995, HOdo recruited general manager with annual income of more than 1 million Yuan.

In January 1997, Zhou Yaoting, the board chairman won the Chinese Redbud Cup achievement award for outstanding Chinese entrepreneur.

In April 1997, HOdo was rated as a famous trademark of China by the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the PRC.  

In April 1997, HOdo Group was listed as one of the 120 pilot Chinese enterprises for deepening reform as designated by the State Council.

In July 1997, HOdo’s five main products obtained the ISO9002 quality management system certification.

From the end of 1997 to 2002, Zhou Yaoting, HOdo’s board chairman was elected deputy to the 9th and 10th National People's Congress successively.

In January 2001, HOdo Stock was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange, marking the prelude of HOdo’s capital operation.

In September 2001, HOdo Group launched the “HOdo Magpie Festival” activity series.   

In May 2002, HOdo’s branch office in New York was set up in Broadway1411 Building.

In June 2003, HOdo Group entered the real estate industry, bringing about the simultaneous development of such four realms as garment, rubber tire, bio-pharmaceuticals and real estate.

In September 2003, HOdo western-style clothes was rated as China’s famous brand product by China International Brand Development Promotion Committee.  

In May 2004, HOdo was rated as “pilot unit for work on the patents of the second national pilot enterprises and institutions”. 

In September 2004, Zhou Haijiang, chairman of HOdo Stock was elected president of HOdo Group through HOdo’s system-based personnel selection.

In December 2004, Zhou Haijiang, president of HOdo Group was rated as “excellent builder of socialism with Chinese characteristics”.

In February 2005, Zhou Haijiang, president of HOdo Group was shown on the cover of Forbes.

In May 2005, Zhou Haijiang, president of HOdo Group won the 9th “May 4th Youth Medal”.

In March 2007, HOdo won the achievement award of China’s garment brand

- the highest honour in China’s garment industry.   

In April 2007, HOdo Group became the first Chinese enterprise in obtaining the CSC9000T social responsibility management system certification.  

From January 2008 till now, Zhou Haijiang attended the forum presided over by Wen Jiabao, premier of the State Council for five times in four years. In February, Zhou Haijiang was rated as “newsmaker of China’s new countryside in 2007”.

In February 2008, the cornerstone laying ceremony for the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone of Cambodia controlled by HOdo Group was solemnly held. More than 90 ministerial officials led by Samdech Hun Sen, premier of Cambodia were present at the ceremony. Through development for more than three years, SSEZ has witnessed tremendous growth.   

In September 2008, Taxus Chinensis High-tech Eco-industrial Park was approved by the State Forestry Administration as Taxus Chinensis  Technology Demonstration Park.

In September 2008, taxus chinensis was available in Zhongnanhai; in 2010,  taxus chinensis was exhibited in the Chinese Pavilion of the world expo; in 2011, taxus chinensis was exhibited in the International Horticultural Exposition in Xi’an and the World University Games in Shenzhen. 

In November 2008, Zhou Yaoting was awarded the “lifetime achievement award for the national excellent township entrepreneur”.

In May 2009, HOdo Group was rated as the provincial Post-doctoral Research Center.

In April 2010, Zhou Haijiang was rated as the national model worker.  

In April 2010, the “HOdo Magpie Festival” was rated as “China’s top ten famous festival brands in 2010”.

In May 2010, HOdo obtained the first “five-star after-sales service  certification” in the garment sector.

In June 2010, HOdo was rated as the only demonstration enterprise for implementing the national trademark strategy in the garment industry and Jiangsu.

In May 2011, HOdo Group’s ISO9001 quality management system officially passed the verification of China Quality Mark Certification Group after put into operation for six months. 

In September 2011, HOdo Group was rated as “national ecological culture demonstration enterprise”.

In September 2011, Zhou Haijiang was rated as moral model of Jiangsu. 

In November 2011, HOdo University, the second demonstration university in Jiangsu and the first demonstration university in Wuxi was established.